The greatest risk is not being invested in stocks. 
- Bill Berger


Kingsley Advisors pairs world class expertise with world class service. Led by Ivan Sacks, Kingsley Advisors has developed a proprietary investment approach from over 20 years of experience in the field of publicly traded investments. Sacks and Kingsley Advisors believe in a client-driven business model, one that seeks to deliver long-term absolute returns while minimizing risk. This client-driven business model also means that expansion is achieved solely by upholding the highest standards of customer service and client satisfaction.


  • An opportunity to meet to find out what potential clients need and want.
  • We focus on investments in public companies that we have visited and or researched.
  • We invite our clients to meet and to understand their investments.
  • We want our clients to have goals and we want to assist them in meeting their goals.
  • We provide an opportunity for clients to own businesses that we view as opportunistic and many times that are selling below their intrinsic value.


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5429 LBJ Freeway #400 
Dallas Texas 75240

IVAN: 214-642-7424 

   If you buy the same securities as other people, you will have the same results as other people. 
- Sir John Templeton

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